What if you don’t have the time or funds to update your estate property?

Architect's rendering of Jersey City, NJ inherited home ready for a remodelOf course, it’s ideal to show the home in its most polished and perfect condition to generate the highest sale price.

But what if, for reasons of budget, timeline or willingness to take it on, you just can’t do a cosmetic remodel?

We have a very good solution.

Our team of resources includes architects we engage to create floor plans and realistic interior scenes (like the ones above and to the right) that show the property’s potential.

These renderings have proven very helpful in adding value to the property and speeding up the sale.

Our job is providing you with options that work for you. Because we specialize in selling estate properties, which tend to need maintenance and updating, we often offer renderings as a quick and efficient alternative to remodeling.

Let us put years of experience to work for you.

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