Protect your asset and the estate

Why do you specialize in selling estate properties?
I get great satisfaction from protecting my sellers from buyers who want to pay below-market value for estate properties. Since the sale of inherited property proceeds can make a big difference in your family’s financial future, I’m thrilled when I can take creative steps and squeeze out the maximum value.

Someone wants to buy our property as-is, which sounds simple. Is it?
Not always. And here’s why—the buyer/investor typically orders a home inspection to find out the home’s deficiencies. Even though they’ve offered you a high as-is price, they’ll use the inspection results to whittle it down. I’m an as-is sale specialist, so I’m ready for these renegotiation tactics.

Should we test the oil tank on the property for leaks?
No! A leaking oil tank can devastate the home’s value. Let me explain your options before you take any costly action. Please contact me, Alex, at (201) 600-0650.

Can you recommend a painter and house cleaner? And do you make money by referring them?
I’m happy to refer you to a service provider who’s done a good job for my clients. But it’s simply a courtesy introduction. You contract directly with the vendor, and I never accept a referral fee or commission.

We have a family friend who is a realtor. Can I hire them to sell the inherited property?
Sure, you can. But selling an inherited property is more complicated than a traditional home. Agents without experience in estate property sales are not able to negotiate home inspections or bring a team to quickly prep the house. They can also get bogged down in the quirky legal details or give up and do the absolute minimum. Either way, it costs the estate.

A friend wants to buy the house. Why don’t I sell it to them?
This can work out nicely. But more often, it doesn’t. Your friend may expect a heavily discounted price. Or, maybe after weeks of trying, they can’t qualify for a mortgage. Even if you have a viable buyer, it’s worthwhile to hire an agent to advocate for you. It’s the difference between getting to the finish line or wasting everyone’s time and energy and ending up with a damaged friendship.

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