Real Estate Services for Executors, Administrators and Their Attorneys

Based in Jersey City, Feierman Estate Services focuses primarily on selling estate properties. We help families in Northern and Central New Jersey, from North Bergen and Bayonne to Toms River, get the full worth of their homes and commercial properties.

We have years of experience selling inherited homes, handling complex trust and probate properties. So you can expect us to anticipate glitches and guide you seamlessly and compassionately through the process.

Alex has also developed a trusted crew to help handle details such as prepping the home for sale. And our marketing expertise and negotiating skills mean an expedient sale, at the highest possible price.

Expert Problem Solving

Here are some of the thorny or time-consuming tasks we manage for you:

  • Personal effects – arrange for appraisal, sale or donation of valuables
  • Hoarding – organize rapid removal of accumulated boxes, trash, newspapers, etc.
  • Odors – refer smoke abatement or other consultants to clear out unwanted smells
  • Simple upgrades – arrange for painting, repairs, etc., as needed
  • Cleaning and staging – home and yard clean-up, interior prep
  • Complications to the sale – advise on tenant occupants, an oil tank on the property, outstanding citations

Virtual remodels through architect’s digitally altered photos

How to boost your as-is sale

What if you could make your property sparkle without lifting a paintbrush or spending on flooring? It’s easier than you think.

Our architect’s renderings show how simple cosmetic fixes can transform the home into a showplace. So instead of settling for an investor’s offer at a fraction of the home’s value, you inspire and attract legitimate buyers.

Your Advocate, From Listing to Closing

Inherited property comes with its own unique issues. Since we’ve spent years solving them, you can rely on our expert guidance, proactive troubleshooting and vigorous negotiations.

Unlike investors, whose business model requires them to pay around 60% of market rate for your home, we position your property for competing offers and maximum price. Clients tell us they’re surprised and delighted with our results.

How We Support Your Decision Making

Our aim is to make the process painless—and lucrative—for the estate. We help you create and carry out a clear, coherent plan.

As-is vs. repair/upgrade

Decide between side-by-side scenarios. We’ll show you the expected price for selling as-is versus making strategic repairs and cosmetic upgrades.

Maximize the home’s potential

Get an honest assessment of your property’s assets and challenges. No time or funds for upgrades? We can convey the home’s potential beautifully, at no extra cost, with architectural renderings.


Regular communications

Your family is in the loop through our weekly scheduled phone calls. And you’ll have Alex’s cell number for any questions that arise.

How to move forward

If you’ve inherited a home in Northern or Central New Jersey or you’re the attorney for the estate, we’re ready to help. Get in touch for a no-cost consultation to learn more about your property’s value and next steps.